I am Dr. Penelope Murdock, a performance enhancement specialist who uses the science of Positive Psychology to empower people like you to harness and capitalise on their strengths in order to help you thrive.

Positive Psychology and Sport Psychology coaching, consulting and training are among my areas of expertise.

Positive Psychology: Harness your strengths and live a more meaningful life

What makes life worth living? How can that be purposefully cultivated so we can truly flourish in our lives and in our performance domains? Those are just two foundational questions which Positive Psychology theory, research, and practice deal with.

The science of Positive psychology provides an evidence-based framework through which to understand and promote positive human functioning and psychological wellbeing—what it takes for us to be able to thrive.

Wellbeing theory consists of six distinct pillars on which “living the good life” can be based. To truly thrive, it is essential to foster positive emotions, active engagement, meaning, positive relationships, accomplishment, and physical health, or, vitality.

Positive Psychology is thus concerned with fostering optimism, joy, human strengths and virtues, among many other things which promote positive human functioning.

While life has its ups, it most certainly throws us curveballs. Simultaneously embracing both what brings us joy and what challenges us is conducive to overall psychological wellbeing.

Thus, the science of Positive Psychology is equally concerned with helping us effectively engage with challenging emotions, experiences, and behaviours, for instance. The goal is then to foster insight, healing, growth… and thereby: Positive transformation.