Inhouse Training


Do you wish to promote the wellbeing of your team and enable them to unleash and maximise their potential?

Upon request, I provide inhouse training in the form of interactive research-based and practice-oriented seminars, workshops, or lectures. The training can be designed as professional development for your personnel directly and/or for them to apply with the people with whom they work.

As a scholar, my interests, areas of expertise, and formal qualifications are diverse. Thus, I delve into multifaceted themes with pleasure, competence, and ease. I am happy to tailor a concept to suit the training needs of your staff/ practitioners in the fields of sport, education, business, or in clinical settings. While myriad possibilities exist, selected themes include:

– Applied positive psychology for athletes, coaches, and practitioners
– Applied positive psychology for medical students, doctors, and healthcare professionals
– Applying positive psychology in educational settings (Positive Education)
– Applying positive psychology in psychotherapy (Positive Psychotherapy)
– Appreciative and effective communication strategies and practices
– Circumventing boreout and burnout using the science of wellbeing
– Developing and promoting character strengths and virtues
– Empowering People of Colour
– Facilitating team and group dynamics
– Flourishing as a PhD/ Postdoc candidate: Fostering meaning and wellbeing
– Fostering emotional intelligence
– Mental training/ Psychological skills training for performance enhancement
– Positive Leadership
– Positive psychology coaching and consulting skills
– Promoting employee wellbeing
– Psychology of racial identity development
– Resilience and mindfulness
– Stress reduction and relaxation


Duration and Frequency: Negotiable
Available upon request


Ready to take a bold step toward empowering  your  team?

Please send me an E-Mail: with a description of why and for whom you wish to provide inhouse training. Please include an indication of the type of training you envision as well as the desired content and prospective number of participants.

Upon request, I would be pleased to provide you with my CV and other pertinent information including references and teaching evaluations.

NB: Seminare, Vorträge und Workshop Angebote können wahlweise in deutscher oder englischer Sprache durchgeführt werden.