Sport & Exercise Psychology


Educational Sport and Exercise Psychology Coaching/ Consultation could be of interest if you wish to improve your performance and:

– build your motivation and character strengths

– develop your self-confidence and positive self-talk

– foster greater mindfulness and self-compassion

– set and adhere to meaningful goals

– better manage arousal levels, stress, and anxiety

– cope with adversity

– effectively concentrate

– use mental imagery, self-hypnosis, meditation, relaxation, and/or autogenic training strategies to your

– prevent burnout

– foster your wellbeing

Yes, I also offer/ teach non-medical self-hypnosis mental training techniques and strategies specifically for sport and performance domains

Approximate Duration:
60 minutes or more

Investment: €150/ hour

Reduced fees: Adolescents age 12 to 16 – €60/ hour

Full-time students: €80/ hour.


Reduced fees are also available for hardship cases, please enquire in writing.
Disclaimer: The services offered here are neither equivalent to nor can they replace psychotherapy, psychiatric or clinical psychology services. Thus, a normal psychological capacity (absence of debilitating mental health issues) and physical/ physiological resilience is a prerequisite for participation.

NB: Die Beratung/ das Coaching wird wahlweise in deutscher oder englischer Sprache angeboten.


Ready to take an empowering step towards harnessing your strengths and greater wellbeing?

Please send me an E-Mail: with a brief indication of why you are considering Sport Psychology Coaching/Consulting and what you hope we can achieve together!