Coaching/ Consulting for Academic Purposes and Endeavours will benefit anyone who wishes to improve their experience as a student and enhance their academic performance. Why just survive academia when you can enjoy it? With over a decade of teaching experience in academic writing, I am uniquely equipped to support you while you are engaged in the process of writing a B.A./ M.A. thesis or doctoral dissertation.

With optimal strategies as your (not so) secret weapons, writing your thesis/ dissertation can be an intrinsically rewarding and FUN experience! I can help you tap into your motivation and willingness to persevere through all the ups and downs.

Academic coaching/consulting is beneficial if you wish for support in:

– enhancing your academic performance

– overcoming test or performance anxiety

– accomplishing more in less time

– communicating effectively with your supervisor

– overcoming writer’s block

– refining your rhetoric and presentation skills

– planning the next steps in your career

– remaining physically and mentally healthy for the duration… and FINISHING!


Approximate Duration: 60 minutes or more

Investment for Registered Students: €80/ hour

Investment for Private Clients: €150/ hour


Reduced fees are also available for hardship cases, please enquire in writing.


Disclaimer: The services offered here are neither equivalent to nor can they replace psychotherapy, psychiatric or clinical psychology services. Thus, a normal psychological capacity (absence of debilitating mental health issues) and physical/ physiological resilience is a prerequisite for participation.

NB: Die Beratung/ das Coaching wird wahlweise in deutscher oder englischer Sprache angeboten.


Ready to take an empowering step toward relishing in your pursuit of academic excellence?

Please send me an E-Mail: with a brief indication of why you are considering Coaching/Consulting for Academic Purposes and what you hope we can achieve together!