Non-Medical Hypnosis


Using the power of your imagination, non-medical hypnosis is designed to help you learn to relax, tap into your inner potential, promote resilience, strengthen and sustain your overall wellbeing. My goal is to teach you skills which you can later apply on your own—in self-hypnosis.

I practice and teach non-medical self-hypnosis techniques and strategies with an underlying positive psychology foundation. Thus, an emphasis is simultaneously placed on fostering positive emotions, capitalising on character strengths, and promoting flourishing.

Working from a mere relaxed state of receptivity (rather than deep hypnosis), hypnotic states enable you to become attuned to and communicate with your subconscious mind (referred to by some as your wiser, higher mind or self). In this relaxed and receptive state, the more critical faculties of your conscious mind are temporarily suspended; yet, you remain fully aware and actively engaged. 

When in hypnotic states, you can only be guided to do and experience things which you truly want to do, and which are in line with your core values.

Non-medical hypnosis techniques and strategies are of interest if you wish to:

– Develop greater self-confidence and self-trust

– Develop intrinsic forms of motivational regulation (for your personal/ professional goals)

– Enhance sport, musical, or aesthetic performance (to enhance appreciation and enjoyment, foster flow, achieve
    task-related goals etc.)

– Enhance academic performance (including love of learning, concentration, writing ability, and overcoming test
    anxiety. NB: With the exception of pathological anxiety disorder)

– Enhance your capacity for self-compassion, self-acceptance, and self-love

– Facilitate problem-solving, decision making, and increase confidence to make changes

– Find and live according to your personal sense of purpose, or, meaning

– Foster relaxation and calm before entering an examination situation

– Increase your experience of positive emotions (i.e. gratitude, hope, pride, joy, inspiration, etc.)

– Overcome emotional eating (NB: With the exception of pathological overweight, pathological underweight, or
    an eating disorder)

– Prepare for important and/or meaningful events (giving birth, marriage, exams, presentations, etc.)

– Promote calm sleep (NB: With the exception of pathological sleeping disorders)

– Quit smoking or change a bad habit (NB: With the exception of pathological addictions)

– Reframe and move forward from limiting beliefs

– Reinforce your sense of vitality, or, positive health and physical wellbeing (including confidence about your
    body, optimism about your future health and life satisfaction)

– Relieve physical and mental tension (through general or deep relaxation techniques)

– Strengthen your overall stress management, resilience, relaxation and calm


As the aforementioned list is anything but exhaustive, please do enquire for more details and possibilities!

Approximate Duration:
Between 60 and 90 minutes. Please be advised that a first session generally requires 90
Minutes. Follow-up sessions can sometimes be shorter. As, with greater practice, the more effectively you can move into the relaxed hypnotic state.

Investment for Private Clients:
€150/ hour

Investment for Students: €80/ hour

Reduced fees: Reduced fees are available for hardship cases; please enquire in writing.

The services offered here are neither equivalent to nor can they replace psychotherapy or clinical services. Thus, a normal psychological capacity (absence of debilitating mental health issues) and physical/ physiological resilience is a prerequisite for participation.


NB: Das Coaching/ Die Hypnose für nicht medizinische Anwendungen wird wahlweise in deutscher oder englischer Sprache angeboten.


Ready to take an empowering step toward developing some of your untapped potential?

Please send me an E-Mail: with a brief indication of why you are considering Non-medical Hypnosis and what you hope we can achieve together!